Guest Experience
Resorts with a Soul

Passport Resorts' philosophy is easy to understand as soon as you visit one of our resorts. With all of our guests, partners, employees, the community and nature, we engage with integrity and respect.

Although each property has its own direction and style, all reflect Passport Resorts' common vision – to deliver a unique and soulful guest experience, and one that is consistent with the values of its own community. Importantly, each property manifests Passport Resorts' philosophy differently, so guests can enjoy each place's distinctive environment and culture – the reason why travelers leave home in the first place.


Our independent approach means we don't offer something for everyone. Instead, our efforts focus on what makes each property special, unique, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind.


Since its inception in 1998, Passport Resorts has embraced the belief that "what is good for our earth is also good for business." The success of our properties bears this out. Our commitment is to take as little as possible from the environment and to give back as much as we can. We believe we have social and environmental responsibilities that are as important as making a profit – and that one endeavor doesn't work without the other. To manifest this approach, we lead by example, and pursue the strategies and values that define the Passport Resorts' culture:

  • Create a responsible partnership with the local community
  • Inspire, educate and communicate with staff, community, guests and others
  • Promote sustainability in every area
  • Respect others with whom we share the land, and preserve and impart their culture
  • Develop staff and the local economy, recognizing the impact of local employment
  • Provide opportunities for philanthropy (both guests and corporate donors)
  • Support other non-profits with similar priorities

Gracious service, without ostentation, is a cornerstone at Passport Resorts. A vital part of the Passport Resorts' family, our staff brings to their positions genuine warmth, not just good training. Committed to providing a unique and soulful guest experience, we seek staff members who enjoy what they do, treat guests with esteem and colleagues with respect, and have fun. We believe serving people is both an art and a skill – and indulging others is a pleasure that brings satisfaction and rewards to the server. At Passport Resorts, our approach to hospitality is simply defined – to greet everyone as if he or she were an old friend.


Passport Resorts' properties are known for understated luxury, a connection with nature and the environment, and ties to the community. Regardless of a property's location, its rooms and suites feature top-quality mattresses that invite repose, fine organic cotton sheets and towels, and gracious amenities that are sourced locally.


Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

Post Ranch Inn logo
Big Sur California

Cavallo Point - the Lodge at the Golden Gate

Cavallo Point Lodge logo
Sausalito California


Previous projects include Sea Ranch Lodge, Hotel Hana-Maui in Hawaii; and the Lodge at Skylonda in Woodside, California.