Our History

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Passport Resorts LLC is a hotel management company founded and owned by Mike Freed and Peter Heinemann, business partners and friends for over 30 years. The company is known for creating small, upscale destination resorts, developed and operated in an environmentally-responsible manner. Since its inception in 1998, Passport Resorts has achieved exceptional business results, guest satisfaction, media coverage and accolades.

Highlights of our approach include:

Award-Winning Guest Experience

We are acclaimed for our ability to provide an exceptional guest experience, which includes well-appointed accommodations, fine dining and diverse activities.

Understanding, Appreciation & Respect for Unique Locations

Passport Resorts' team has a long history of respectfully enhancing and sharing extraordinary settings.

Outstanding Design Esthetics

Our team is recognized, both among guests and the hospitality industry, for paying close attention to design details. This ensures that each resort reflects, complements and augments its unique physical location.

Exceptional Service

Gracious, attentive, friendly guest service is a hallmark of every resort. Our service has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards.

Diverse Guest Activities that Complement a Site

Our resorts offer a range of activities that fully tap the potential of each distinct geographic location, so guests can enjoy, appreciate and learn more about their surroundings, culture and community.

Commitment to Environment, Community & Culture

Passport Resorts and its affiliated entities have a proven track record of dedication, foresight and respect regarding the environment, community and local culture.

Local Connections & Community Ties

Our properties and staff are known for forging strong community ties where they are located.

Wide-Ranging Facility Sizes

Passport Resorts' team has been involved in properties from 15 rooms to 142 rooms, and with conference facilities ranging from 300 square feet to 14,000 square feet.


GEELA in Environmental and Economic Partnerships category –
Cavallo Point Lodge

Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award 2009

#1 Top Hideaway in the USA –
Post Ranch Inn

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report Readers' Choice Award 2010