Social Responsibility

Today, as Passport Resorts' long-held values regarding environmental stewardship and community support gain momentum around the world, we believe that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but work ideally together.

Our commitment to social and environmental stewardship is not a destination but a journey. Green efforts are ongoing and dynamic. The process is characterized by a pro-active and persistent desire to evaluate new approaches, try new technologies and improve the way things are done.

Guests also value our environmental activities. They appreciate the exposure to green innovations and efforts, which often become favorite attractions at the properties. Our community involvement benefits not only nearby residents, but visitors who learn from and participate in regional events. For visitors curious to learn more, the resorts share information through:

  • Talks, presentations and hands-on classes
  • Guided hikes or tours with experts
  • Special events
  • Detailed in-room compendia
  • Informative slideshows & videos
  • Content-rich websites
  • Brochures & other written materials