About Us

About Us

Passport Resorts is a San Francisco Bay Area-based hotel operating company specializing in the management and marketing of high-end destination boutique resort properties. Our properties have a reputation built around their architectural distinction, with locations set in the midst of natural beauty and each provides guests with first-class services, amenities and cuisine. Our business practice revolves around developing and operating our properties in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
Each resort is consistently recognized by both luxury travel consumers and the hospitality trade. Each year the resorts have been highly rated in leading leisure travel media’s readers’ choice surveys and awards. These honors are particularly noteworthy as they are based on readers’ own personal experiences as hotel guests. In addition, the properties have been recognized by the travel industry, national and government organizations, and their local communities for efforts pertaining to sustainability, culture and ecotourism.


Award-Winning Guest Experience
We are acclaimed for our ability to provide an exceptional guest experience, which includes well-appointed accommodations, extraordinary dining experiences and diverse activities.

Outstanding Design Esthetics
Our team is recognized, both among guests and the hospitality industry, for paying close attention to design details. This ensures that each resort reflects, complements and augments its unique physical location.

Understanding, Appreciation & Respect for Unique Locations
Passport Resorts’ team has a long history of respectfully enhancing and sharing extraordinary settings.

Commitment to Environment, Community & Culture
Passport Resorts and each of its resorts are known throughout the travel industry as a leader in sustainable practices and have a proven track record of dedication, foresight and respect regarding the environment, community and local culture.

Exceptional Service
Gracious, attentive, friendly guest service is a hallmark of every resort. Our service has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards.

Local Connections & Community Ties
Our properties and staff have earned a reputation for forging strong ties in the communities in which they are located. Each resort has established a community fund to support local non-profit organizations.